Stay Headed In The Right Direction, Mary Esther

November 25, 2015

Power steering is standard on nearly every car and truck in Mary Esther, Florida these days. Now there are some exotic, new types of power steering systems, but for the most part, the general setup is a pump thats driven by a belt powered by the engine. Contact the automotive profes... More

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Wheel Bearings

November 24, 2015

Why are wheel bearings critical for Mary Esther motorists? It's simple: your wheel bearings keep the wheels on your vehicle. In today's Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Mary Esther post, well discuss more about wheel bearings and how you can make sure they can do their very important... More

Deep Clean Your Fuel System At Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Mary Esther

November 18, 2015

Having trouble with your fuel system? Bring your SUV into Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Mary Esther for a check up. 141 W Miracle Strip Pkwy Mary Esther, Florida 32569 850-243-2544 In today's Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Mary Esther auto post, we're talking about fuel system ... More

Coolant/Antifreeze Service At Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Mary Esther

November 4, 2015

Anyone that drives a car in Mary Esther knows that engines get hot when they run. But did you know that engines need to be cooled to keep running? Heat inside an engine can cause the metal parts to expand, which can seize up an engine and make it stop running. It can even ruin the e... More

The Importance Of Mary Esther Drivers Following Service Intervals

November 3, 2015

Today in our Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Mary Esther blog, were going to talk about following recommended service intervals. Your SUV isnt the only aspect of your life in Mary Esther with recommended intervals: Lets start with twice yearly dental check-ups and regular physica... More

Hitting The Brakes In Mary Esther

October 22, 2015

Safety should always be a key element of your car care. So even if you dont care about how your car looks, you should practice preventive maintenance to protect yourself and other Mary Esther car owners on the road. And good safety starts with good brakes. Brakes need a regular ... More

The Easy Way To Save Cash In Mary Esther

October 16, 2015

The hottest Florida news story may be different everyday, but theres one topic that seems to come up over and over again the price of gas in Mary Esther. If you feel like most of your paycheck goes into your gas tank, this post is for you. Here are several basic things Mary Esther ... More

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Mary Esther Auto Tips and Videos: Where Should New Tires Be Placed

October 7, 2015

When Mary Esther auto owners need to replace tires, they need to know how many they should get, and on which axle they should be placed. Replacing a damaged tire may leave you with three others with significant wear, which could affect your traction control, stability control, and anti-lock bra... More

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Mary Esther Service For Your Exhaust System

October 3, 2015

Your SUVs exhaust system is more than just a tailpipe and a muffler. In fact, it is one of the most complex systems on your SUV. Maintaining it is good Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Mary Esther auto advice for Mary Esther drivers, but its also good health advice and good enviro... More

Good Timing: Proper Timing Belt Replacement Saves Money for Mary Esther Drivers

September 24, 2015

Knowing how their engine works can help Mary Esther car owners make informed decisions about car care and prevent pricey repairs to their vehicles. This is especially true when it comes to timing belts. An engines power is generated in the cylinders. Inside the cylinder is a piston ... More